WorldStarHipHop is a content aggregating video blog that was founded in 2005 and now has 1.2 million unique visitors every day. It is owned and operated by Worldstar, LLC. The site is the brainchild of Lee “Q” O’Denat, a devoted hip-hop fan and former Grover Cleveland High School student.


AllHipHop is one of the most famous Hip hop news sites on the Internet. The website was founded in 1998 by three CEOs. It has since achieved worldwide fame. In fact, the site was included in the list of top 100 under-exposed sites. The site contains news about hip-hop artists, hip-hop music, and hip-hop videos. The site is reliable, and its content is interesting and informative.

The site is similar to worldstar, except for the fact that it focuses on hip-hop. The website offers videos related to hip hop and comedy, as well as breaking news. The site also features interviews with hip-hop artists. It has a good balance between hip hop and humor.

SOHH is another good alternative to WorldStarHipHop. Unlike the former, SOHH offers uncensored hip-hop content. This hip-hop site was founded in 1996 and has gained a large following. It boasts 1.5 million monthly active users, and it is one of the oldest hip-hop communities online.

Howard Stern

If you’re looking for some hip hop, dance, or rap music, you’ve come to the right place. Howard Stern has been a popular music personality since 1992 and has been one of the most successful television personalities of his generation. His show, “Howard Stern’s Nightly Show,” has hundreds of hours of video content to watch. In addition to being a popular music show, he has written several books.

Howard Stern is one of the highest-paid radio hosts in the world and has recently entered into a podcast partnership with Simplecast. His deal with SiriusXM expires in 2020, but he retains the rights to his show archives. His on-air personality is also known for his candid celebrity interviews. For years, he has featured Donald Trump, who he has openly mocked on his show. Additionally, he has been a judge on America’s Got Talent since 2012.

The chemistry between Howard Stern and the music industry has been well-known for years. During his time as a morning disc jockey at WWDC-FM in Washington, D.C., Stern has created an album of his parodies. He recorded the album with the Earth Dog Band, and the album was released in 1982. It included a poster and a CD.

50 Cent vs. WorldStar

In 2009, 50 Cent sued WorldStarHipHop for using his likeness on its masthead without his consent. He claimed that the company created the impression that he was affiliated with it. The lawsuit lasted five years and was eventually settled out of court. WorldStar denied that it used 50 Cent’s image without permission.

WorldStar was a popular video website which offered music exclusives and viral videos. It also featured violent fight videos and sex acts. The site’s popularity outnumbered the broader blogosphere. The video site was later taken down. This case has prompted WorldStar to pull the content from its website.

Before the website was shut down, it was one of the most popular urban sites on the internet. It was even seized by Homeland Security. The owner of the site refused a $40 million buyout offer which would have made him a billionaire.

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