Fixes To WiFi Not Working Issue By Mobile Repair Shop

Apple launches iOS updates every few weeks. These updates come with bug fixes, unique new features, improvements and much more. Updating your device is highly recommended when an update comes. Along with benefits, these iOS software versions also have a lot of issues. One of these issues is a WiFi connectivity problem which is quite frustrating because people are dependent on WiFis. When a WiFi stops working or doesn’t connect, everything stops until it starts working. From office work to personal use, everything is done on the internet. Therefore, WiFi has become an integral and significant part of life. Midland PCS, is a mobile repair shop that has provided a list of fixes to WiFi, not working issues that can be applied if your WiFi doesn’t connect. Let’s see what these fixes are without further delay. 

How To Fix iOS WiFi Problems?

Many people have complained a few things about WiFi not working such as, 

  • My iPhone is not connecting to WiFi.
  • I try to connect my device to WiFi but it keeps disconnecting. How to fix it?
  • The WiFi button greyed out.
  • My iPhone is finding it difficult to search for WiFi.
  • The speed of my WiFi is extremely slow.
  • I haven’t changed my password but still getting the notification of an incorrect password. What should I do?

If you are also facing any of the above-mentioned problems, let’s read the rest of the article to find out a suitable fix for you. 

  1. Force Restart Your iPhone

One of the simplest tricks to fix anything including the WiFi issue is suggested by the mobile repair shop to force restart your iPhone. Force restart can almost solve all the problems you are facing. It is a method that eliminates and removes all the bugs and malware from your device. This fix will most probably solve your problem.

  1. Check The Router

If your iPhone is not connecting to WiFi, it might be possible that your router is having issues. You must go check your router and restart it. Restarting the router will help it free up any caches if available. All you need to do is turn the router off and remove its plug. Don’t turn it back on immediately. Let it have its time. Now turn it on after 5 minutes. When it will be restarted, the problem will disappear. If you still see the problem, move on to the next solution.

  1. Rejoin Your Network

Sometimes when you update the latest iOS update, the parameters associated with your network may be corrupted which is why you are encountering the problem. You can choose the option of forgetting the network and then trying and connect it. According to electronic repair Columbia, you must go to the settings and click on WiFi, choose the network you want to connect and click on forget this network. Now that the network is disconnected you can connect it again by putting in a password. Check if the problem is gone now after you have joined the network again. If not, move on to the next step.

  1. Disabling WiFi Network Services. 

After updating your iPhone iOS version, if you are facing connectivity issues with your WiFi, it is advised that you must disable the WiFi network services. To do this, go to settings, privacy, location services and select system services. You will find an option for WiFi networking. It will be enabled. All you need to do is disable it or toggle it off. After doing that, your WiFi will be back to normal and will start connecting again. When the issue is solved, you can toggle the feature on again depending on your needs and requirements. 

  1. Reset Network Settings

Another thing that is important to do is to reset the network settings of your device. Resetting the network settings delete the network data from your device including corrupted files and caches and sets it to its original settings. Resetting is useful because it helps in preventing other issues from originating. Many people hesitate to reset the network setting because they think, if they reset it, the data from their phones will get deleted. However, that is not true. The mobile repair shop says that resetting the network settings will just delete the settings and nothing else. 

  1. Reset Your iPhone 

When people face issues with their Wi-Fi, they try everything to solve the issue. If nothing works, the last resort is resetting the device. This step is called the last resort because it must be applied at the last of everything. Resetting the device deletes all the data from your phone. It is recommended by phone repair stores that if you are going to reset your iPhone, you must do is back up the data. If you will not back it up, you might have to face a loss of data which can be devastating. 

If you have tried, tested and implemented all the above-given steps but failed to fix your WiFi not working issue, it is recommended by cell phone repair store Columbia, to visit their expert technicians and get help from them. They are excellent in the repair field and their experience, skills and expertise say volumes about their excellence. Don’t delay and get your phone fixed now. 

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