When Will LeBron James Retire From Basketball?

There is some talk of LeBron James’ retirement, but it is not as inevitable as many people think. In recent seasons, James has missed significant time due to injuries. But his dominance is still visible, and he’s still looking like a dominant player. He’s stated publicly that he’ll continue playing as long as his son Bronny is old enough to play. If Bronny can enter the NBA, then James will remain in the league, but the question is when?

LeBron James’ mental health

During his career, LeBron James has won three NBA championships with the Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Los Angeles Lakers. His most recent title came in 2016, and he was released from the Cavs without much fanfare. Now, he’s playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, and is in the process of helping lead his third franchise to a title. The Lakers are currently 20-3, tied for the best record in the NBA. LeBron James recently signed an eight-day contract with the Lakers.

His fitness

After a strong season that saw him average a triple-double, some people are asking: Is LeBron James still fit enough to play? He is currently 33 years old, playing his 15th season in the NBA. He is on pace to become the oldest player to play every season of the NBA. The question now is: What’s the best way to determine if he is still physically fit enough to play one more season?

His mental health

LeBron James is already an icon in his own right, but his next move may be more important than his NBA career. The 33-year-old has repeatedly bucked conservative projections about his prime, and his recent struggles are only a part of the reason. The consummate entrepreneur, he is now in his 17th NBA season. He has revealed in an open letter to his fans that he is undergoing treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

His career

It’s time to ask the question, when will LeBron James retire from basketball? While he hasn’t said it yet, he has repeatedly mentioned playing alongside his son, Bronny, who is eligible for the NBA draft in 2024. While he may be nearing the end of his career, his decision will leave a significant void in the league. In addition to the basketball court, LeBron James has become increasingly comfortable playing the center position in a smaller NBA.

His son Bronny

If you think that LeBron James will retire from the NBA in 2024, you’re mistaken. While his son, Bronny, is still in high school, he’s already considered a top prospect in the Class of 2023. Currently, Bronny is a junior at Sierra Canyon School, a nationally ranked prep school in Chatsworth, California. Bronny is already 20 years younger than his famous father. Considering that LeBron has no signs of slowing down, it’s hard to say where his son will join him.

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