Variations of the Wight

A wight is a mythical being. These beings are often undead. They are often seen in horror stories and on TV. They wear mourning weed and are armed with two longswords and a longbow. There are many variations of this creature. Here are a few.

Psyches corps be armed with two longbows

When the Nazis invaded Poland in the mid 1940’s, Winston Churchill rushed to the battlefield with his longbow. He practiced guerilla tactics and staged raids with his bow and arrow, earning several commendations for his bravery and skill. During one such raid, Churchill shot a Nazi sergeant in the chest with a barbed arrow. He was soon chased by fellow infantrymen who shot him with a hail of bullets.

Psyches corps be armed with a bow

Psyches was an afflicted soul. The Sisters left her to her own devices, and she was in a tossing minde. She had varying opinions about her calamity; sometimes she loved the beast, sometimes she hated it. Regardless, she was prepared for her wicked intentions.

When she saw her husband’s absence, she fell to the ground, casting her eyes outward, letting her husband know she was not dead. She then cast herself into the next flowing river, out of great anguish. The waters were warm, but there were many passages and stops. Psyches found a pleasant wood, full of great, mighty trees.

Psyches corps be armed with a sword

A sword is a symbol of power. The sword is also the symbol of the 7th Psychological Operations Group. It is also associated with the Asian Theater. The sword represents the military aspects of force and the psychological operation as a form of warfare. Psyches corps were authorized on 30 Mar 1967.

Traditionally, the unit’s distinctive unit insignia is a silver-gray or jungle green. It features an upright sword that stands ready for combat against half-truths and untruths. In addition, the sword features a gold quill, a symbol of the unit’s written propaganda, as well as a red border, a symbol of constant inspiration.

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