How To Protect Your Charging Cables From Damage? Tips by Mobile Phone Accessory Store

Do you have a damaged charging cable? Are you planning to replace it with a mobile phone accessory store? Taking proper care of your wires is the simplest way to protect them from breaking. When removing a cable from a device or a USB port, always hold it by the plug. Pulling a cable out without first disconnecting it increases strain on the structure’s weakest point, where the cable attaches to the plug.

Secure your cables with a strap or clip when transferring them. Check that your cable is properly wrapped by twisting it with your hands. The wire will coil precisely on its own, something you should constantly strive to replicate. Some cables are constructed of high-quality materials and use self-winding technology.

Avoid overly bending or wrapping wires. The most typical source of cable damage over time is bending, particularly where it joins to the connector. The charging cord will last longer if you avoid using your smartphone while it is charging. Below are the following tips to protect your charging cables.

Use your cables with caution.

Pull the cables out by the end that is connected to the outlet or device. Pulling your wires out by grasping the central wire puts a lot more strain on the cable. Instead, pull the cable out by gripping the hard plastic at either end, such as the USB connector that goes into the charger block or the little component that inserts into your electronic device. This applies to all wires, including phone chargers, laptop chargers, headphones, and other electrical cables.

Do not use your phone while it is charging.

Many smartphone users charge their devices while charging, which is the very first reason that destroys their charging cords unless you use a quality charging cable with a premium build of high-grade rubber and self-winding technology.

Make use of a Cable Protective Case.

When not in use, keep your cords in a secure case. Purchase a basic electronics and cable organizing case, as well as cases for your electrical items that have cord pockets. When you’re not using your wires, gently loop them on top of themselves and place them in a case’s pocket to keep them safe and secure.

Use the Magnetic Connector cable.

The most common cause of charging cable breakage is when it is plugged in and out. Three magnetic connections are included with the magnetic charging cord. It may charge many devices at the same time, such as the iPhone lightning, Android type-C, and micro-USB cable

You don’t have to deal with the plugin and out when using this magnetic cable; simply stay connected to the magnetic charging cord, and when you want to charge your device, simply attach it to the charging cable, and your smartphone will begin to charge.

Use a short cord for power banks.

When charging your phone with a power bank, we always use long charging wires, which tangle and shorten the charging cable’s life. To remedy this problem, use a short cable which charges your smartphone quickly and eliminates the need to purchase charging cords on a regular basis.

If you keep having the same problems with charging cables and have to buy them again and again, it’s time to utilize charging cables from a mobile phone accessory store, which gives a one-year warranty on its charging cables.

Protect Your Charger With The Right Asset

Perhaps it’s time to call in reinforcements. Purchase a set of rubber cable guards to place on top of the junction from a phone accessories shop in London that links the cable to the USB end. This guarantee that you have the necessary flexibility to move the cable without overbending it.

Magnetize For A Longevity

Technology constantly provides us with quick and simple answers. Get a magnetic adaptor, which connects to your cable magnetically and prevents bending. The adapter stays linked to your phone and keeps dirt out while projecting slightly for easy removal.

Going Wireless Is The Future

Although fairly costly, the advantage of employing this technologically sophisticated method is that you will never have to worry about a damaged cable again since there will never be one, to begin with.


If someone asks you what one thing you never forget to take with you when you leave the house, you’ll probably say your phone. However, in order for your phone to live, your charger must also live. While your phone is like a second skin to you, only a well-maintained charger can ensure its continuous usage. Rough handling nearly usually results in a damaged charger. Not to mention the costs associated with replacing a charger from a mobile phone accessory store. Above mentioned tips and tricks protect your charger from further damage.

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