All the apps have their specific rules according to the function of their apps. These rules are the guidelines for the user when using the app. In bflix there are agreements available to your participant and that contains the terms and conditions.

Bflix media has its own terms and conditions

If a user wants to use all the services and tools available in this site you have to carefully read all the terms and should agree on them. If you don’t agree or bond to these conditions then you will not be able to either use the site or the services provided by this site. In the terms and conditions many amendments are made by the team of bflix and it is updated from time to time. There is no notice of specific messages given to the users when these amendments are updated. Before using the site the user has to read the terms and conditions carefully and should imply them when using it.

Things allowed when using bflix site

There are some things that are allowed by bflix to users. It includes bid, shop online, advertise, sell etc. But there are some acts that the site prohibits the users to do.

1.       If you are suspended from using the services on the site or are under the age of 18 or are not able to form legally gathered contacts. Then you are prohibited from using this site.

2.       Also to post any item in the category which is not specified for the particular item is not allowed in bflix.

3.       You are also not allowed to get into our collection of the personal information of the users.

4.       You can’t maneuver the any items interface and its price with any users listing.

5.       Any type of false, misleading or the content that violates the laws is not allowed to be posted on it.

Registration information

Your full name, valid email address, current address and other information are needed to be given in order to sign up on bflix. It is also required for the user to qualify that he is over the age of 18. Terms and conditions also include that it is the users responsibility to secure the password of the account. Also anything that is uploaded on bflix by any particular account the owner of that account is responsible. Any destructive nature types of codes or any types of viruses should not be transmitted by any means.

Bflix and the use of cookies

The use of cookies are employed by the site. The user when start using the sites agrees to the cookies in the agreement where all the terms and conditions are agreed. The cookies help the sites in reviving the information provided by the users on every visit. The functionality of some areas are enabled by the cookies in the websites. This makes it easier for the users who visit this website. The cookies are also used by some of the advertising partners and affiliates. The cookies also allow the user to get access to some of the features.


The cookies help your info to be saved and recognized and also enhance your experience. This is done during a session specifically. These are also used to make the bflix works efficiently and improve the performance given by the website to the users. The normal cookies last from 6 to 13 months.