Seven Sirius Benjamin, Son Of Andre

Seven Sirius Benjamin turned in on November 18, 1997, because of the son of the popular American singer & songwriter Erykah Badu and her ex-boyfriend, Andre 3000, also an American Musician. He is the only baby Erykah and Andre had collectively and is the eldest baby of his mamma.

Biography Of Seven Sirius Benjamin 

Seven Sirius Benjamin was born in Dallas, Texas, in the United States, on November 18, 1997. Concerning Sirius Benjamin’s age, he’s presently 23 years old. In November, on the 18th, he’ll flip 24. His father, André Lauren Benjamin, is a well-known American singer, rapper, songwriter, actor, and record producer, higher regarded via his degree call, André 3000.

Mother Of Seven Sirius Benjamin 

Erykah Badu was born Erica Abi Wright. This fifty-one-year-antique celebrity is the mother of 24-yr-old Seven Sirius Benjamin. She is a singer, writer, and editor.

Erykah Badu is once in a while known as the “Queen of Neo Soul. Also, she started dating Andre 3000 in 1995. However, after having Seven in 1997, the couple parted ways in 1999. However, they nevertheless have an amicable relationship with each other. As a matter of truth, in an interview, she defined Andre 3000 as one of her quality pals.

Father Of Seven Sirius Benjamin 

He and Erykah Badu have comparable professional hobbies. However, they don’t like chicken, mutton, or beef; instead, they are vegn.No wonder they have been able to live as a pair for 5 years. 

Andre turned in on May 27, 1975. He was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. His father became a collections agent, while his mom became a real property agent. Andre 3000 appears to have a close courting with his son, who many have defined as his carbon replica.

Education Of Seven Sirius Benjamin 

Andre 3000’s son is very good at research as his mummy published a vintage picture with her son. Also, the ex-boyfriend or her son’s father on Twitter. She said within the caption that their goals as parents labored successfully, and their son was given reputation letters from 4 schools of his choice. Badu additionally said that their son was interested in Majoring. Also in Psychology, Arts, and Science. We desire Seven’s vibrant future ahead!

Net Worth Of Seven Sirius Benjamin 

As of now, the estimated Seven Sirius Benjamin internet well-worth is said to be around $1 million – $five million. No one knows where his predicted net real worth comes from, but some assets said that Seven Sirius Benjamin takes pocket cash from his mother and father every month.

Relationship Status Of Erykah Badu’s Son

As a fan of Erykah and Andre 3000, you probably might not be shocked to hear that they are separated. Yes, the 2 of them broke up 20 years ago. Also, in 1999, the estranged duo could not overcome the dedication issues with each other. However, though the couple broke up a long time ago, they have not let the cut-up hamper their friendship, and they collectively raised their son in a peaceful environment.

Bottom Line

Seven Sirius Benjamin is one of the famous movie star children who are hugely well-known worldwide for being the best infant of his mother and father (Andre Lauren Benjamin and Erica Abi Wright). And as Seven Sirius Benjamin likes to keep his personal and professional existence private, many things are not acknowledged. Nonetheless, in this post, we advised you of the Seven Sirius Benjamin we recognize so far – we hope you men adore it.

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