Custom Serum Boxes in Diverse Styles and Shapes

Primarily clients identify the brand by its unique box style. You can get any box in custom designs and layouts. Our designers having years of experience in packaging, do not fail their clients and succeed in bringing desirable boxes. Regarding the serum boxes, serums come in multiple sizes of bottles and tinctures. You will have to let our designer know about the size and length of the containers. After that, please leave it to our team.

UrgentBoxes produces the following kinds of boxes for serum packaging:

  1. reverse tuck-end box
  2. straight tuck-end box
  3. serum box with die-cut style
  4. tray and sleeve packaging
  5. custom display serum box

Reverse and straight-tuck end boxes are the best way to pack serum containers. They have very simple openings and endings. Die-cut boxes are the best strategic tool for promoting a brand as they showcase the items elegantly in front of the audience. The same is the case with counter display boxes; they advertise the brand effectively on store counters.

Employment of Various Add-Ons for Fascinating Packaging:

 We provide a wide range of add-ons to give protection and an appealing look to the packaging. For the furnishing of cardboard box with insert, we put on the following:

Inserts/ partitionsCardboard and foam inserts are mostly applied. their use keeps products segregated  from each other. mostly we apply them to prevent the delicate serum bottles from collusion during traveling.
Window cut-outsGive sneak peek view of the items.
PVC sheetWe add PVC sheet to preserve the objects from dirt and germs etc.
Hang tabsHang tabs are best to display the box
RibbonsRibbons add charm and beauty. it relies on the clients to select what color of ribbons they choose.

Free Shipping on Serum Boxes in the USA

To make the customized procedure more convenient for the clients. We provide free order delivery. Our team ensures shipping of the order is to your doorsteps safely. You can take benefit of this facility all over the USA.

Delivery of Order with the Quickest Turnaround Time

Most brands head towards readymade boxes as they have concerns regarding the completion of an order.don’t get anxious about the delayed order. Eliminate all worries regarding the waiting list. It does not count if you have massive demand. Our manufacturers are competent enough to prepare the order at the quickest turnaround of 6 to 8 business days. Additionally, if you are in hurry, we will also be able to deliver the order on time.

Get Discounts on Serum Boxes Wholesale

We do not have any lower-limit order policy. Our company supplies wholesale services at very cost-effective rates. If you are low in budget, don’t panic. Obtain our wholesale services and avail of the exclusive discount.

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