5 Helpful Solutions For A Cracked Screen By Cell Phone Repair Store

When you drop your phone, the screen cracks and shatters, which gives you a headache because it can result in loss of data or your use can decrease. If you are one of those people who keep using their phone even after cracking its screen, you are doing wrong. A cracked screen is dangerous for your fingers and any component of your gadget. If you leave these cracks and delay fixing them, they can expand, and your LCD can get damaged. Smartphones come in handy while you work in your office. When you have to use your phone to show a presentation to your boss, but all he sees is your cracked screen, how irritating is that? Fix and Go NY Inc, a cell phone repair store in New York provides the following helpful solutions for a cracked screen. Let’s see how you can get your display fixed. 

  1. Check the level of damage to your phone screen.

Many people use screen protectors to protect their displays from getting damaged. Screen protectors are the most practical accessory for your gadget. Despite having it installed on your phone, some impacts are so powerful that the damage and crack pass through your screen protector and damage your display. Individuals try to take off the screen protectors to check how much damage has reached the original screen. Remember, once you remove the protector, you can say goodbye to your screen. If you feel the touch screen is not working, you have damaged your LCD. Get your LCD and glass removed by a cell phone repair store in New York

  1. Back up your Data

The next step after identifying the level of damage to your screen would be backing up your data. Smartphones are integral parts of our life, and we are dependent on them. A lot of data is saved in your phone, such as pictures, videos, files, documents, contacts, apps, recordings, music, and much more. Backing up your data must be your priority. To back up your data before getting your screen fixed, you can use iCloud or any other external drive. You can also ask an expert technician to back up your data before repairing your device. 

  1. Check if your device has a warranty.

Before getting the screen repaired, check if your phone is still under warranty. If yes, then you won’t have to pay money to get the phone fixed. If not, the issue can occur, and you must pay the price. Don’t panic because the screen repair and replacement at Apple phone repair in New York is reasonable, and you won’t have to pay a huge sum of money for the job. Some authentic repair shops give you premium services and original spare parts. They also offer a warranty for their services. If your phone is damaged again, you can fix it without paying a dime. 

  1. Go For an Authentic Repair Shop

Getting the problem resolved is a challenging task. You have to look for authentic and licensed repair stores to get appropriate services at affordable prices. It’s best to visit a few stores before choosing one. Ask for the charges from the technicians and compare them with one another. Compare the money, service, quality and warranty terms. Choose the one that best suits your situation. You must also visit the website and read reviews and feedback from previous customers. The positive and negative reviews will help you come to a decision. You must get your screen repaired and replaced by an authentic iPhone screen repair shop

  1. Visit a Cell Phone Repair Store in New York

Once you visit the cell phone repair store in New York, you can ask the experts for free diagnosis to access the level of damage to your screen. They will identify and check the issue thoroughly and provide a reasonable solution. They are honest and transparent about their services and take fair market prices from you. However, prices can vary depending on the extent of the damage. They also offer you a warranty so the next time you visit them, you can claim it. 

FAQs and Common Myths

Q1: Can I Fix My Phone With Rice?

Answer: No, you cannot fix your screen with rice. The rice has dust particles that can enter the cracks of your screen and will damage it further. Keep your phone away from rice. 

Q2: Can I Use tape To Repair My Screen?

Answer: You cannot use any tape to fix the cracks on your screen. It is not a wise decision. However, you can use tape temporarily until you take it to an iPhone screen repair shop to prevent the cracks from expanding.

Q3: Can I Repair My Phone Screen Using Tooth Paste?

Answer:  This DIY myth is one of the most common myths. When a screen cracks, people use toothpaste to fix it. However, it is not the solution. The toothpaste can damage your display further. If the liquid in the toothpaste enters your screen, it will get destroyed permanently. 

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