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Like all other electronic devices, iPhone 14 is another beautifully designed electronic device that has unique and commendable features. If you also are a user of electronic gadgets, you must know about the delicacy and fragility of these devices. iPhone 14 is said to have lots of features that add extra protection to it like a ceramic shield. It is said that a ceramic shield saves your screen from scratches. iDevice Pros is a phone repair store in Oceanside CA, which has listed a few problems and fixes about iPhone 14 one of them which is how to prevent your camera from dust and scratches. Is there an extra layer of protection on the cameras like ceramic shields that protect them from scratches? Is your iPhone 14 camera susceptible to dust and scratches? Let’s dive into it. 

Clean Your iPhone Camera Regularly

The most popular and demanded feature in iPhones is the camera. People are crazy to take pictures and shoot videos with iPhone 14 but what if your camera is dirty and the pictures you are taking turn out to be blurry? A clean camera is a priority and paramount. The dust and dirt can kill the quality of your videos and images. If your camera is neat, the quality will be excellent and if the quality will be great, the postproduction time will be reduced. iPhone 14 are also used to do professional photography. Therefore, it is important to clean your camera regularly. There are the following ways you can clean your camera with. Let’s see how. 

Use a Lens Cloth

A lens cloth is used to clean the camera and you don’t need any fluid for this job. All you need to do is fold the cloth and start cleaning the dirt and dust from the camera. The lens cloth can clean oil, grease, fingerprint and dirt. Another benefit of this cloth is that you can wash it and reuse it. Before using it, it is recommended by phone repair stores that you must air dry it.

Using A Cleaning Liquid

If your camera has any solid and stubborn stains, you’ll probably need a cleaning liquid to remove them. This liquid is made up of 99% Isopropyl alcohol and distilled water. This is a strong liquid that can remove any stubborn stain in one go. Ensure that you are using one or two drops maximum because using more than two drops can destroy your camera optics leaving it damaged. If you don’t know how to clean it, use guidance from cell phone repair store experts. 

Air Blower

Many people try and blow the air from their mouths thinking it will clean the camera but it does the opposite. It can leave stains on your camera. To clean the camera, you’ll need an air blower which produces clean and dry air. All you need to do is point the tip of the air blower towards your camera and press the rubber. You can also buy portable air blowers. They are affordable to purchase. 

A Cleaning Lens Pen

Have you ever seen a lens pen? It is a tool used for cleaning. It contains a pen and a soft-bristled side. According to the cell phone repair centre, the pen part ensures that there is no dirt and dust left on your camera. It is also used to clean the edges. The soft bristles make sure that there is no scratch on your camera. If you want optimal and good results, it is suggested to keep the bristles clean and don’t touch them if your hands are oily. 

Don’t of Cleaning iPhone 14 Camera

All the above-mentioned tips are used to clean your iPhone camera whereas, the below the given points are the methods you should never try on your phone’s camera. 

  • If you want to clean your iPhone camera, never use a rough cloth. Using a rough cloth can scratch your camera. It also contains dust particles that can enter your camera and damages it.
  • Another thing according to Apple repair Oceanside is never to use tap water on your iPhone 14 camera. Tap water has impurities and minerals that leave a residue on your camera and can never scratch it. That is why it is recommended to use lens cleaning liquid. 

Many people place their phones on their backs. They even slide it before placing or releasing it which can scratch the camera. You must place your phone on a soft cloth or upside down to prevent the cameras from damaging. 

Using Phone Holders

Phone holders are not only used to prevent the cameras from getting scratched, but they are also double as chargers. If you get them installed on your iPhone 14, your camera will not touch the surface thus saving itself from scratches and dust. You can buy a fine phone holder from cell mechanics Oceanside

Now you know what are the dos and don’t of iPhone 14. Our phones are important parts of our lives as we are entirely dependent on them regarding our work. Whether you own a business, you are an employee, or a student, a phone can solve many problems. Take good care of your precious electronic gadgets. 

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