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General policies of bflix media

There will be legal consequences guaranteed if the law and the policies of bflix media are violated. This is because the data of the users is collected by the website for the improvement of the website. When the user starts using the website they agree to give the data to the website. Website uses the data to improve the users experience as it has algorithms for it. This is to remind users by giving popup notifications.

Users should not create fake accounts on bflix media as it is mentioned in its privacy policies. They are serious about this and also are willing to give legal punishments for the ones who violate these privacy policies. But the fake accounts are not detected by algorithms. Their algorithms are not yet considered to detect and delete the accounts.

Personal data collection in bflix media

The users are alerted by the privacy policies of bflix media that their personal information may be collected through any means. The personal data can be collected on the website from various sources which can be physical as well as online. From the government sources the administration team can also collect the personal data of the users. But providing the smoother experience to the users on the website is the main goal of the administration team. The other reason because of which this is done is to save the preferences of the users. 

Third party sources

It is also stated in the bflix media privacy policies that from the third party sources. They may also collect the data. The other media websites include these third party sources. To produce the most accurate data most of the data combined. The data contains date of birth, name etc. This mainly helps in making the user’s account in bflix media.

Uploading the personal data

The privacy policies of bflix media states that the personal information of users will be collected by them. By this they also meant that they maintain the data continuously after collecting it. Through a complex algorithm the data is fed. The track of the data is kept by the algorithms and as time passes they keep changing and updating it. By making adequate adjustments to the data of users this is done.

Prevent leakage of data

To prevent any leakage of data your data is protected under strict encryptions. To prevent any type of invasion to privacy this encryption is also done. It is guaranteed by bflix media that if someone is caught doing illegal processing of data. Then through legal means that user will be held accountable. In case this issue occurs the administration team and their lawyers will be brought to court.

The storing of the information in bflix media

In many locations and in many forms the data is stored. This is stated by the bflix media privacy policies that the data they collect. They will be stored in the form of cookies. The safest method is storage and on the user’s computer the cookies are stored itself. By the respective web browser that is being used the cookies are also created. 

The information such as Email address, first and last name, billing address etc. is stored in cookies.  The financial information is not stored by most types of cookies. This is stated by bflix media that they store the credit card information of the user on cookie form. But this process has been made difficult and complex by SSL encryption.

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