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Top Phone Repair Hacks By Tallahassee’s Cell Phone Repair Experts


Undoubtedly, smartphones win when it comes to delivering a seamless performance. However, that doesn’t mean that the most premium cell phones out there have not encountered their fair share of issues. Like other electronics, cell phones are prone to damage no matter how well they are designed.  Luckily, there are some practical tips and fixes that might resolve cell phone problems.

We’ve prepared a list of quick fixes for typical phone issues in this blog. All of the hacks have been tried, tested, and approved by reliable cell phone repair stores in Tallahassee. If your phone isn’t functioning properly, have a look at these practical fixes that have assisted many people in resolving typical phone issues.

Let’s begin straight away!

Tallahassee’s Cell Phone Repair Stores in Recommend Phone Repair Hacks

Following is a list of problems commonly faced by phone users and their respective easy fixes.

Frozen Screen

One of the most frequent issues that many users have is this one. Fortunately, a forced restart typically resolves this problem. So, if your phone ever experiences this problem, hard reset it if a simple reset does not work.

Broken Screen

A broken screen is the most annoying thing ever, right? The shattered phone might continue to function for a time, but someday this might stop working altogether. Therefore, contacting a cell phone repair store in Tallahassee is better. They might choose to change the screen in this case. There are several DIY kits available for this problem, but visiting a repair technician at a well-known store is advised because they will handle the job professionally.

Data Loss

Losing valuable data on your phone can make anyone paranoid. This is yet another problem, though, that commonly affects Android phones. When you have a  backup, the issue can be easily fixed. Only your phone has to have sync enabled. Your lost files are available on your cloud-based storage like Google Drive and iCloud.  However, if you’re still unable to find anything there, you should visit a cell phone repair store immediately to determine if there is any hope of getting the erased data back.

Camera Problems

If any restrictions are turned on, the phone camera cannot be used. You may confirm this by turning on the camera and clicking on the Settings—General menu. Here, most of your camera problems will be fixed. Try the phone reset suggested above if the camera is still not working. If you give it another go and nothing changes, it could be a hardware issue. Take it to a cell phone repair shop to get the problem fixed.

Battery Drains Quickly

One of the most frequent problems with a phone is its quick battery drain. Disabling any unnecessary programs you are already running is one of the best solutions to this problem. If the issue persists, it is essential to contact a repair technician immediately.

Water Damage

For any electronic gadget, even phones, water is disastrous. If your mobile phone falls into the water, don’t freak out—there are several fixes you can try before giving up. First, you should use a soft cloth to absorb all the water after taking your mobile out of the water.

Never use the cell phone immediately, as doing so harms it in the long run. Put your device in a bag of rice in the following step. The rice will gather and absorb the residual liquid in 24 hours. Although it takes effort, the phone can be manually dismantled and dried. You can contact the nearest repairman if the appliance is still not working.

Charging Issues

Another common problem is that the phone won’t charge even when it is plugged into a charger. There are several solutions to this issue. Remove any debris or dust by cleaning the charging port.

If the problem persists, examine the power cord to see if it works with other cell phones or if other USB cables work in the USB plug.

Visit Your Nearest Cell Phone Repair Stores in Tallahassee

Are you facing any of these issues with your cell phone? Did these tricks fail to help you? If so, head to the closest cell phone repair shop in Tallahassee.  There can be a hardware issue that requires immediate attention from a professional. Here, there are several reputable cell phone repair businesses like Campus Phone Repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which three phone repairs are most commonly performed?

The three most frequent repairs for smartphones are broken displays, faulty batteries, and water damage.

Is it worthwhile to repair my cell phone?

Instead of shelling out a high sum to get a new smartphone, it is more cost-effective to have your broken phone repaired. It would be a waste of your money to toss out your existing one because of some fixable damage. You should make the most of your money spent on the damaged phone.

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