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Blue World City

The Blue World City is the nation’s first housing society designed specifically to enhance tourism. It is constructed in accordance with international standards so that visitors from various nations can reside there without concern. If we were to reveal the owners and developers of Blue World City, they would be the Blue Group of Companies (BGCs) and the Imperium Group of Companies (IGCs). This project is being handled by both of these businesses as a joint venture. 

The company’s creators have also delegated the development work to the Shah Jian Municipal engineering company in China. The company is in charge of planning all construction projects. The high-end infrastructure of the business will be built using the expertise of international engineers.

Developers and Owners

The son of the former DC of Lahore, Mr. Saad Nazir, is the developer and owner of Blue World City. The proprietor of the business employs more than 300 people to run it. The business initially provided structure planning and design solutions. They thus received market answers swiftly.

There is currently scarcely anyone in the nation who is unaware of the Blue World City project. Owners and developers of Blue World City want the community to be constructed in accordance with international standards and include all the amenities needed to make it the best in the world. One of the best aspects of the society is that it was built by Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, one of the most reputable builders.

It is a well-known developer and a Chinese firm. The reason the project was turned up to this company was that the developers wanted to create a civilization that adhered to international norms. They intend to provide every amenity and facility a visitor would desire. In light of all these factors, Blue World City will satisfy all needs.

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NOC Approval

Investors need not be concerned about Blue World City NOC. The society’s No Objection Certificate has been authorized by the Rawalpindi Development Authority, and the developers have the legal authority to create this community in accordance with international standards. Only a few blocks in the society are designed for tourists or clientele from other countries. Additionally, there are plots available for consumers from outside to utilize all the amenities in accordance with international standards. 

The NOC and society are the subjects of several rumors. Many individuals believe that Blue World City is a scam and lacks credibility. However, when the regulatory organizations awarded the society’s NOC, all speculations stopped. Customers who believe in society may now understand the value of investing in it and its future possibilities.

What is the Prices and Installments Plan? 

The next most often asked question is about the Blue World City payment schedule. The reason why people ask this is that payment and installment plans are the second most important factor to investors after location. Everyone wants to reside in a community with all the amenities and facilities. People long to live in a location where they can indulge in life’s luxuries in addition to the necessities of survival. Therefore, in order to enable everyone to easily reserve a plot in the community and realize the dream of having a house for everyone, Blue World City management has established the most economical payment options.

As a result, Blue World City’s payment schedule is made up of simple installments. Investors have the option of making convenient monthly or annual payments. It is also important to note that the society is divided into distinct blocks, each of which will have a different price for a plot of the same size. For instance, a 5-Marla plot’s price in the general block will be different from a 5-Marla plot’s price in the sports valley block. Therefore, keep this idea in mind at all times.

Blue Mosque Replica

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, was built in 1609 by Muslim architects and builders, and it is a marvel of medieval engineering. In order to revive Islamic culture and values in Pakistan, the designers of Blue World City were inspired to build a duplicate of this majestic mosque near to General Block. The Blue World City Master Plan now includes the replica of the Blue Mosque, which will serve as a landmark and draw tourists to the area. The mosque will successfully address and improve society’s reputation.

Gas, Water & Electricity

The location of Blue World City Islamabad is relatively out of the way. Because the rights to regulate gas and water resources are so infrequently awarded, this sector has long been disregarded. Despite the difficulty of the task, society has persisted in making every effort to provide investors and clients with the necessities of life.

They now have access to electricity and water in each block to suit society’s demands. Gas will also be given once the required legal processes have been finished. Therefore, these Blue World City Facilities will provide everything you need.

End Note

One of Islamabad’s top residential communities, Blue World City was built to international standards. To increase tourism in the nation, this society is being developed. The community has top-notch amenities and luxurious facilities, so you can have anything you want. Therefore, we can conclude that it is the finest enterprise for both investing and living.

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