Mathswatch Is Filled With Many Functionalities And Different Courses

Mathswatch is an online virtual learning environment for students who cannot afford transport to tuition etc. There is a very simple process by which users can create accounts on Mathswatch.

Online portal for logging in or creating account

The user should visit the online portal of Mathswatch for logging in or creating an account. After reaching the online portal the user should input their username and password in their respective fields. The user should then click on the Login button to sign in to the online portal and get access to all courses. After the user gets logged in they would be presented with the “My Work” section where the user can find their joined courses. The My Work section also presents the pending homework or tuition work that the user needs to complete. All of these works are presented with a due date and mentioned to their respective teacher.

Making the most out of it

Mathswatch is filled with many functionalities and different courses from around the world related to maths. There is a separate section for My Work which shows the daily work assigned to the child. This work is assigned by the teachers with a specific due date on Mathswatch. It even has a separate videos section. In the videos section, there are short videos that are for the children’s revision. Some of these videos are even longer and are listed in the full-length lectures section.

There is even an Extras section for every course on Mathswatch. The extras section is mostly filled with pdfs of quick revision guides, information, tips, and tricks to use the website. Their website even has a homework setting tool in which they can mark their assignments as complete or upload their homework. The platform also offers mock tests on which students can get their scores right away. After every month, the parents of the child receive an automated email from the website which contains the student’s progress report.

Useful Sections

There are some useful tabs on Mathswatch which proves to be very helpful for weak students. The One Minute Maths on Mathswatch contains short one-minute videos for revision of a certain topic. These one-minute videos are most useful in cases when the child wants to revise their topics before a test. The Interactive Questions tab mostly displays after a class or test.

This questioning tab on Mathswatch is for curious children who demand clarity on their concepts. Students can also use this questioning tab for getting clarity on their homework. Some students even use this questioning tab to get clarity on their test answers or the test formulas. The Mathswatch Worksheet tabs contain worksheets specific to a topic. These worksheets mostly contain practice questions which are sometimes easier in difficulty or more difficult. This is done to help the student get the topic at their fingertips.

Attempting Tests

Attempting tests on Mathswatch is pretty easy for a student. The student is allowed to answer the questions on Mathswatch in any order. This means the student can even skip and move on to the next question to save time. Some students tend to be persistent in solving one question and waste their test time. Hence, there’s the option to limit the time spent on a certain question.

Teachers can set limits on questions depending on their difficulty. On Mathswatch there is a separate keyboard that helps the students to type answers easily. This is because students cannot type fractions, powers, and mixed numbers with the help of a normal keyboard. If the question is graph-based the students can easily draw graphs in the answer box with the help of vector illustrations. However, there is no option to revise one’s answers after the Submit Test option is clicked.

Some Key Features

Some key features make Mathswatch the perfect virtual teaching environment. Parents can easily manage their purchased subscriptions by canceling or renewing them. Teachers can even add reference videos and links to their lectures. The teachers are also provided with the functionality to publish short questions for practice and homework purposes.

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