Is Imginn good for keeping your anonymity?

Through Imginn users can visit accounts that the user would not like to visit with their official account. Users can even download content from the Instagram accounts they are visiting on Imginn. For example, if a user wants to download an image or video of an Instagram account they can easily do so by making use of Imginn.

Imginn is the sole downloader

Imginn is the sole downloader that provides the option to even download stories or video posts. Instagram’s team has increased its user’s privacy by disallowing access to an account without logging in. This means that a user cannot access one public account until they don’t have an official account. Although, there are some hacks that the user can use to access an Instagram handle without registering or logging in. However, these hacks are not reliable for daily use or professional use. Hence, Imginn proves to be the perfect alternative to these hacks.

Instagram’s limitations

The latest limitation set on Instagram is about not being able to access one’s account without registering or logging in. This tactic is solely to increase the number of active users on Instagram. As the user logs in to view one Instagram handle, they are considered to be an active user. However, Imginn has been introduced to overcome this challenge by Instagram. The latest limitation set by Instagram also increases the user’s exposure to advertisements. This eventually results in Instagram receiving revenue for advertisements. Hence, this is the sole reason why Instagram is free up till now.

Access to Imginn anonymously

However, through Imginn users can easily access one’s Instagram handle anonymously. By using Imginn to access one account the user is not required to log in or register for an account. This is a third-party service that is free to use and does not have any advertisements. Their team has worked towards developing a safe platform for their users. Hence, having no advertisements helps to prevent users’ privacy from being breached.

Downloading Imginn content

Besides accessing one’s Instagram account anonymously, users can even download content from their account by making use of Imginn. It is an online downloader service just like other YouTube video downloaders etc. Users can even download photos and videos both through Imginn. The downloader uses the open-source Instagram API (Application Programming Interface) to fetch Instagram handles. Users can then easily download content off those Instagram Handles.

This content includes stories, images, videos, highlights, etc. The user can download every media from one Instagram handle. However, reusing this content may be prohibited under a legal copyright license. Hence, it is recommended not to reuse the content from one’s Instagram handle for any kind of commercial use. Else the victim may have to face serious legal consequences. There are some limitations to downloading content such as the account should be public. In case the account is private the user will not be able to access any media from the account. However, most celebrity stars’ accounts are public nowadays hence this limitation doesn’t matter much.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, Imginn is pretty easy and simple to use. The algorithm which is used is also pretty easy to understand and depict. It makes use of an API that is owned by Instagram. The API is open-source and public to use. Hence, this downloader’s website is safe and legal to use. The open-source API has some limitations such as the user cannot download content from a private account. This is because there must be a reason the account is kept private.


Hence, the API does not allow downloading of content from such accounts. Many useful features pre-exist in the API. These features include fetching every media from one’s Instagram account. Imginn interface itself is pretty easy and simple to use. The user is simply required to write in the exact account username in the search bar on the homepage. The user is then presented with a list of search results directly from Instagram’s database. The user can then select their desired account and start downloading content.

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