Is Applob the revolution of application stores?

Applob is an APK (Android Application Package) file available on their website to download. Users can easily install this APK file by clicking on its icon and pressing the install button. The Applob application lies in the category of apps, apps, and tools and the name of the Applob package file.


There are some requirements that the user’s device should fulfill for using Applob. The device should be based on the Android Operating system with a version of 4.0 or above. However, it is recommended that the device should be at least above Android 7.0 formerly known as Nougat. This is to ensure a smooth installing and downloading experience. The size of the package file is known to be around 14.6 Megabytes. The application is still under development and is being added with new features and functionalities.

How to Install the application?

The procedure to install Applob on your android device is a little different than normally installing applications. This is because lately, Android devices have imposed strict policies regarding the installation of third-party packages. The user should first download the Applob package file from the official website. They should save the package file in their downloads folder of the phone.

The user should then open the settings application of their phone and head onto the security tab. Users should then locate the option of unknown sources or search for it in the settings app. The user should then allow the option to install applications from unknown sources. Users should then head onto downloads folder of their phone and start the installation by clicking Applob icon. The Applob application will be automatically installed on their android phone. Users can then access the application by clicking the icon created on their home screen.

Advantages and Benefits

There are some advantages and functionalities in Applob which make it the perfect fit for an application store. The Applob application is SSL-certified. This means the application is safe to use and all the data transmitted is encrypted with a 256-bit AES format. The Applob servers are very fast in terms of downloading and resource allocations. Hence, there is no such delay in downloading files from their application.

Their application and servers are completely secure and encrypted hence no leak of data or any breach of privacy. The application’s user interface is pretty easy to use and navigate through. Users can easily use the application by clicking the buttons on their screens. Their application is debugged and updated daily hence users will not face any kind of issue in usage of the application. The application is very enhanced and rich in terms of speed and features.

Can it be installed on Apple Devices?

Yes, there is a pretty easy and simple procedure to install Applob on nearly every Apple device. The user should visit Applob’s website on their preferred web browser. However, it is recommended that the user should use safari as it is the default browser of any Apple device. After reaching the site, the user should input the name of their desired application in the search bar of the website. The user should then locate their desired application and click on it. After the tab gets opened the user should press on install to get the installation process started.

The user will be directed to a page that has complete instructions on how to install Applob and their desired application. Users would also be asked to prove that they are not a robot with the help of captchas. The user would also be required to complete a specific task such as watching an advertisement.

Final Verdict

The Applob application is perfect for users who are majorly interested in modding and hacking games. This is because, by modding games, the user can get unlimited in-game currency. The user can even avail of premium features for totally free. However, there are some limitations to a modded game such as no internet access. This means that the user cannot compete in online matches or even share their leaderboards online. Hence, a modded application has its pros and cons to consider.

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