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Eric Villency – Businessman and Fitness Fanatic

Eric Villency is a businessman who is also a fitness fanatic. He is the CEO of the Villency Design Group. His company specializes in designing products and interiors for hotels and restaurants. Villency has won several awards for his work. Read on to learn more about him and his business ventures. He is also a former model and a fitness freak. Learn about some of his most noteworthy designs below.

Eric Villency is an American businessman

American entrepreneur Eric Villency is best known for his successful design company, Villency Design Group. His design firm specializes in interior and product design. He has also developed several successful brands, including the iconic Prada handbags. Read on for more information on Villency and his firm. We’ll also examine his design background, as well as his career path. Here are some of the most interesting facts about this design genius.

He is the CEO of the Villency Design Group

Ericvillency is the CEO of the Villency Design group, a renowned interior design firm. The company’s expertise lies in incorporating computer and virtual reality into its design process. The company is responsible for the designs of various products, including high-tech bicycles and sports equipment. The design firm is also responsible for various art installations, lighting systems, branding accessories, and other types of products.

He is a former model

Eric Villency is a businessman and former model. He married lingerie model Kimberly Guilfoyle and had a son together. The two met on the set of a television show hosted by Patrick McMullan. In 2005, Guilfoyle was newly divorced and Villency had just broken up with Olivia de Chantecaille. They married quickly and signed a prenuptial agreement. The two share joint custody of their son, Ronan.

He is a fitness freak

As a product designer and interior designer, Eric Villency is a true fitness freak. In addition to being the CEO of his company, he is also the founder of Villency Design Group. He weighs around 45kg and wears a shoe size 5 US. His parents divorced in 2000, but he’s never let that affect his fitness regime. The fitness-minded Villency is currently pursuing an education, and has been known to work out three to five times a day.

He has been married twice

New York native Eric Villency was married to Kimberly Guilfoyle on Memorial Day in 2006. They had a son named Ronan Anthony. In 2009, they separated amicably. The divorce was finalized in 2010. The couple shares joint custody of their son. However, Villency has been married twice before. It is unknown how many times he’s been married and with whom he’s been linked.

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