Do Not Panic If You See a Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders belong to the Lycosidae family and are robust, agile hunters. These spiders have very sharp eyesight, and they prefer to live in solitude. They also do not spin webs, so they do not pose a threat to humans. If you see a wolf spider, do not panic – it is not poisonous and will not hurt you.

wolf spiders are nocturnal

Wolf spiders are nocturnal predators that live in the dark and hunt at night. They are generally not aggressive and are not dangerous to humans. However, they do have some venom stored in their body. They prefer warmer climates, but can live in almost any location. They feed on insects such as mealworms, mosquitoes, ants, moths, and crickets.

they hunt at night

Wolf spiders are predatory insects that often live outside and hunt at night. Their typical habitat is open ground, including meadows and farm fields. Though most species stay on the ground, some are also able to climb trees and plants. They may also dive into water to catch their prey. Their young are similar to their adult counterparts and ride on their mother’s back until they are old enough to leave.

they are not poisonous

Wolf spiders are not poisonous to humans, but they can be a nuisance when they enter your home. They are small and hard to spot, but when provoked, they will bite and release hundreds of spiderlings.

they build silk-lined burrows

While most Wolf Spiders are wandering species, some do build silk-lined burrows in order to shelter from floodwaters. These spiders may also palisade or plug their burrows with twigs or pebbles. Burrows of the Grey Wolf Spider (Dingosa simsoni) are circular and have a circular trap door. The materials used to build these burrows can help identify the species.

they have eight legs

Wolf spiders are large, carnivorous spiders with eight legs. They’re found in North America and are often active at night. They’re also known for their eight eyes and distinctive carapace. They’re usually orange, black, or gray in color. Their eight legs allow them to stalk their prey and strike with their venomous fangs.

they have eight eyes

Wolf spiders have eight eyes, and they use them to see very well. Two eyes are large and situated on the top of their head, and four smaller eyes are located above the mouth. These large eyes give the spider great vision, so that it can direct its attention to prey while also being aware of predators in other directions.

they can cannibalize

Wolf spiders can cannibalize, but the extent of cannibalism varies between species. They may engage in cannibalism to increase reproductive success. However, this practice may not benefit spider populations. Rather, it may reduce the survival of young spiders, which can have a negative impact on the overall health of the invertebrate population.

they are not aggressive toward humans

Although wolf spiders are not aggressive toward humans, their behavior may seem aggressive. They may raise their front legs in a defensive posture or pounce on a potential threat. In addition, these spiders may be seen exhibiting aggressive behavior while hunting. They may chase insects and pounce on them, or they may even wrap their legs around the insect and inject venom to subdue it.

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