Bflix Media Responsibilities On Users

The consequences should not be imposed by the users on using this website later on. For any information supplied in the website bflix media disclaimer clarifies that they should not be held liable for it. This means that the information that is available in this website is not relevant and the user should not completely rely on it. It is also claimed by the disclaimer that this website is used by the people at their own risk. The users also rely on the information available in this website at their own risk.

Disclaiming Personal information

Bflix media disclaimer makes sure to save and secure the data of the users. But the data is not guaranteed to remain safe and it is also clarified by it. It also states that the personal information of the users should be shared at the users own risk. This is the reason that there is an option available to not give your personal information. They disclaim that this is not their responsibility if the personal information of the user gets lost.

Feedbacks in Services and Products Provided By Bflix Media

Users are allowed and welcomed to leave some comments on websites about the products and services. The feedback which is provided by users should be real ground based and experience based as stated by the bflix media disclaimer. All users have their own experiences and this is also clarified by bflix media disclaimer. 

This is the reason that all the reviews that are provided by the users are not the same as they review based on their experience. It ensures to give the users the better experience in using this website.