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Cookout Menu Ideas

A cookout menu is a great way to get the whole family involved. It’s also a great way to celebrate the season and share time with friends. There are many options available, from traditional grilled food to more creative dishes. You can also include sides and even a few cocktails if you wish.


A good cookout menu is important to make your outdoor gathering a success. From classic grilled meats and vegetables to cool and creamy sides and decadent desserts, there’s a menu to suit all tastes and dietary restrictions. Below you’ll find dozens of recipes to get you started.

Burgers, hotdogs, pork chops, chicken, steaks, and salads are some of the most popular menu items for a cookout. You can even add a unique twist to classic recipes, such as sugar snap pea fries, grilled squash bread, and watermelon pizza. Desserts and cocktails are also great additions to any cookout. Alcohol-free options are also available for guests to enjoy.


If you are planning to have a cookout with friends and family, then you need to consider the prices of the various dishes on the menu. Prices may vary according to the region where you are. Fortunately, you can find current prices for various types of food and beverages at Cookout restaurants by visiting PriceListo. This website collects information on actual pricing from a variety of sources and updates them regularly.

The prices of food on the Cook Out menu are among the lowest in the fast-food industry in the United States. The menu includes items like grilled hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, hotdogs, and barbecued meats. You can also choose to have side dishes or drinks such as ice cream. Some locations offer a full takeaway service as well, which is convenient for people who are busy during the day.


Cookouts aren’t complete without a wide variety of sides. From summer salads to grilled vegetables, sides are essential for the success of your cookout. They can be simple and delicious, but can also provide additional nutritional value for your guests. Here are five ideas for sides to add to your cookout menu.

Choose sides that go well with your main course. For example, ribs pair well with macaroni salad, and pork belly goes well with baked beans. Sides are important to help guests balance the meat’s heat. If you’re planning to cook soul food, you’ll want to select side dishes that complement the cuisine’s main dish.


Summer is the perfect time to host a cookout, and cocktails can be a fun addition to the menu. With proper planning, a well-paired cocktail with the right food can add some pizzazz to any cookout. In her book, What to Drink With What You Eat, Karen Page outlines the proper food and beverage pairings.

First, you should choose the style of cocktail. Cocktails for a cookout should be simple and easy to prepare. You should serve them in taller glasses like a pint or highball. You should also consider serving non-alcoholic drinks or appetizers alongside your cocktails.

Alcohol-free drinks

Whether you have a cookout with kids or a group of adults, alcohol-free drinks are a great option. You can make mocktails using fresh fruits and mix-ins and add simple syrup to make them refreshing and flavorful. These beverages are great for any occasion and can be served as pitchers at a party or single servings for afternoon snacks. Plus, they won’t make your guests miss the alcohol at all. For instance, try mulled apple cider (which is perfect for Christmas!) or sparkling ginger lemonade.

In addition to refreshing drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails are also a nice touch. These drinks are less expensive than alcohol, making them a great choice for kids and adults. Non-alcoholic drinks are also an excellent option for camping or DIY trips.

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