ChartLogic Vs MDoffice – Most Comprehensive Guide of 2022

Chart Logic EMR offers comprehensive labs module that allows healthcare providers to process lab orders, review results, and create test groups. It also integrates with the Change Healthcare Clinical Network. The integration makes it easy for healthcare providers to perform multiple tasks in one system. This software also offers comprehensive IT support, 24/7 help desk support, and security monitoring. It also offers a comprehensive list of features, including an E-Prescribe feature.

ChartLogic EHR integrates with Change Healthcare Clinical Network

ChartLogic is an integrated EHR software suite designed to fit the workflow of private physician practices. It includes features to help physicians document patient encounters and securely store patient information. It also includes practice management and medical billing services. For physicians, the benefits of using ChartLogic are numerous.

MDoffice EHR is fully compliant with medical codes and patient privacy measures. Moreover, it is designed to be highly interoperable, allowing clinicians to access patient records anytime and anywhere. The software also offers secure, encrypted records that are portable and can easily accessed by any healthcare provider. With the ability to perform a variety of tasks with one system, ChartLogic makes it easy to streamline workflows and create substantial revenue streams.

Change Healthcare is one of the largest independent healthcare IT providers in the United States. It processes 12 billion healthcare related transactions annually through its Intelligent Healthcare Network. The company is dedicated to improving patient care by lowering healthcare costs, facilitating access and improving patient outcomes.

Offers a free trial

ChartLogic is an IT solution for medical practices. It has several modules that allow doctors to create reports, view patient information, and schedule appointments. It also offers a dashboard that displays all relevant information on one screen. The dashboard provides an easy-to-read breakdown of the current patient’s active care and schedule. Physicians can also view to-do lists and action items. The charting solution provides 24/7 customer support and a user-friendly online portal.

MDoffice EMR is a subsidiary of Medsphere Systems Corporation. Its mission is to help physicians achieve paperless workflow and streamline clinical operations. It is available as a stand-alone solution or can integrate with practice management systems. Its free trial will allow users to see how the software works and see if it’s right for them.

MDoffice EHR is available for Windows platforms and has a SaaS architecture. It can accesse via a web browser and is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge on Windows and Safari on MacOS. The software does not yet have apps for mobile devices.

Integrates with Change Healthcare Clinical Network

ChartLogic’s integrated EHR makes charting and documentation quick and easy. Its dashboard displays key patient data, active care, and schedule information. It also includes customizable templates and macros to help physicians perform tasks efficiently and accurately. MDoffice EMR reviews offers a total IT solution, including help desk support and security monitoring. It also supports E-Prescribe, which allows patients to send their medications electronically.

ChartLogic’s software is a comprehensive EHR that has met the Meaningful Use Stage 1 requirements. This is also Stage 2-certified and is actively working toward Stage 3 standards. They integrates with other software, including labs, medical billing services, and appointment scheduling. EHR can also perform eligibility checks and provide access to patient portals. Change Healthcare, a provider of affordable, integrated healthcare IT platform solutions, recently signed a contract with ChartLogic. The two companies will work together to provide a simplified and intuitive platform that streamlines provider-lab interactions.

The company also announced the GA of its Intelligent Healthcare Network, incorporating blockchain technology into claims management. The system provides one central source of truth for patient data and improves auditability, traceability, and trust. The system has successfully processed over 50 million claims-related events per day.

Includes a comprehensive labs module

ChartLogic includes a comprehensive labs module that allows users to create, manage, and analyze reports. The software is designed to provide seamless integration between providers and labs nationwide. It supports custom HL7 and standard API interfaces. It also provides a patient portal and e-prescribing.

ChartLogic offers Windows and Cloud versions of its software. Its comprehensive labs module helps users track and analyze lab test results, and provides an easy-to-use annotation tool for eye structures. It also features flowsheets to track patient information and immediate referral reply letters. As ophthalmology practices strive to earn higher reimbursement, improving patient documentation is a top priority. ChartLogic can ensure accurate, complete, and compliant coding.

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