C.P. Company

The Italian apparel brand C.P Company was founded in 1971 by Massimo Osti. Initially called Chester Perry by Osti’s friend, Corrado Zannoni, the company changed its name in 1978 after a lawsuit by two brothers. Chester Barry and Fred Perry sued to stop the company from using their surname. Eventually, the company decided to change the name, but the two brothers were successful in their lawsuit. Nevertheless, the company has remained a popular name for men’s clothing.

Massimo Osti

The longtime C.P. Company executive Massimo Osti was born in Italy and chose to settle in Bologna, an international student town. The city is also home to the company’s headquarters, which is situated in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. The area is famous for its Italian food, which is a great source of inspiration for the brand. During his time at the company, Osti also helped develop the company’s website, which is still a popular site today.

Chester Barry

Massimo Osti, founder of the C.P Company, has made its mark in the fashion industry with his clothes. He is considered to be the “Father of Sportswear”. Originally called Chester Perry, the brand was rebranded due to a lawsuit between Fred Perry and Chester Barry. Osti is a true innovator of fabrics and has created several successful clothing brands. The company is known for their innovative outerwear and functional clothing. The company specializes in producing high-quality garments and has been certified by Certilogo as a brand.

Fred Perry

Originally called Chester Perry, C.P Company rebranded in 1978. Founded in 1946, Fred Perry is synonymous with British counterculture and football casuals. The brand’s trademark twin tipping was first created by West Ham fans who wanted to dress up their polo shirts in blue and white. Massimo Osti, the owner of the brand, then rebranded the company to C.P. Company.

The ‘La Mille’ jacket

The ‘La Mille’ jacket by the C.P Company blends Italian style with functionality. It’s made of high-performance Ventile(r) fabric, which is both breathable and water-resistant. Its goggle hood, watchviewer lens, and dual branding add to its cool design. The hood has a zippered opening, and the sleeve is hemmed with a toggle adjustment. It is machine-washable at 30 degrees, and is perfect for winter use.

The ‘Goggle’ jacket

The ‘Goggle’ jacket from CP Company is a windproof and hooded type jacket with built-in goggles. This hooded windproof jacket was designed by the company’s founder, who incorporated the ‘Goggle’ motif into his clothing design. Originally made of beige twill cloth, the jacket was introduced into the company’s collection in 1989.

The ‘Mille Miglia’ jacket

The ‘Mille Miglia,’ a short parka designed by Nigel Cabourn, is a functional piece of outerwear that incorporates features from motorsports. Named for the iconic annual sports car race, the jacket features integrated goggles in the hood, functional pockets, and a drawstring waist adjustment. The design is also made of a stretchable fabric, which allows for maximum comfort.

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