Bad Dragon Review

Bad Dragon is an American company that produces fantasy-themed sex toys. Its products are sold online and at various conventions, and are primarily aimed at the furry fandom. As of February 2017, the company has a total of seven lines of products, and each has a unique theme. The company produces products in various categories, including fantasy, science fiction, and sci-fi, and has won numerous awards.


Varka is a computer science graduate and a systems designer who founded Bad Dragon in 2008. The company was started as a way to fill a need in the toy market, and quickly grew to over 30 employees. Since its inception, Bad Dragon has grown to meet the needs of thousands of fans every month. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Varka is also an expert in the field of gaming.

She has moderated forums including the imageboard e621, kink forum F-List, and roleplay site F-List. However, her most well-known role is that of CEO at Bad Dragon.

The Adolescent

The Adolescent and the bad dragon is a Disney animated film. The dragons in the film are led by Garble. They are not atypically masculine like Gene Hunting, but they do have some common characteristics. For instance, they share the color of fire and winglessness.

The dragon is a favorite of Jane’s friends. He enjoys making toilet jokes, burning things, and teasing Jane. He also likes to hang out around the castle and go on adventures. His childlike personality can make him protective, but he is also quick to anger when he feels threatened. He also considers any challenge to Jane’s honor a threat.

Lil’ Vibes

Lil’ Vibes of the Bad Dragon are mini versions of their big toys. They are made of silicone and can be customized in terms of colour, firmness and suction cup. There are only a few different sizes, but the Lil’ Vibe Tongue is the most affordable of the bunch at $40.


Bad dragon – Squirts is a fun, small, and affordable sex toy that features silicone squirts. It has a wide selection of sizes, including beginner-friendly and ass-busting models. The squirts are shaped like sea dragon genitals and feature a stimulating texture and smooth glans. The dildo also comes with a cum tube.

The dildos form the bulk of the Bad Dragon fantasy toy range and are highly customizable, allowing users to customize their dildos to their exact specifications. The company’s toys have also won several awards for their design and performance, including “O” Awards, Altporn Awards, and more. Some of these toys are also equipped with a cum-tube feature that releases a sperm-like lubricant.

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